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If your armrest proves defective, despite normal conditions of use, within 36 months from the time of purchase and this can be attributed to defects in the material or design, we undertake to repair or replace the defective unit at our cost.

Please note!

All returns must be approved by us before the product is returned to us and before the consignor can charge us for the costs. When claiming the guarantee, please always contact our customer support first for instructions.

Guarantee actions other than the above, such as overloading or vandalism of the product, are not covered by our guarantee.

Guarantee claims cannot be made against us if the purchased product has been significantly changed or modified by unauthorised persons, or if our instructions for maintenance of the product have not been observed.

Other contractual and noncontractual damage claims against us or our distributors, agents, resellers or employees which are covered by legal provisions are excluded from this guarantee.