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Quality and the environment

ISO 9001:2015

We are ISO certified and work in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 to ensure operations that meet our customers’ high expectations of quality, delivery reliability and the environment.
For us, it goes without saying.


We are also a registered supplier in the Achilles Automotive Community. Achilles gathers and validates supplier data, brings buyers and suppliers together, simplifies procurement and raises standards. Information based understanding creates safer and more sustainable supply chains that perform better.

ISO 1400:2015

We are ISO certified and actively work to contribute to a better environment in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

That is why we use environmentally-friendly materials in our products that can be recycled and are in line with the European REACH Directive. Additionally, our products are listed in the IMDS (International Material Database System) where together with our customers in the automotive industry, we actively work to ensure that our products have as little an environmental impact as possible and can be recycled when the car is scrapped.